5 Destinations for Adventurers

For those whose idea of a holiday means leaving their comfort zone to chase thrills, choosing a destination can be the toughest part. These five are known to tick all the boxes for the intrepid traveller.

Venezuela’s ‘Lost World’

Mount Roraima in Venezuela, virtually untouched by evolution, inspired Conan Doyle’s tale of rampaging dinosaurs. To visit this beautiful enclosed ecosystem, trekkers must brave rushing rivers, a winding mountain path and a thundering waterfall. No dinosaurs, though!

Kenyan safari

Even if you’ve seen wild animals in a zoo or safari park, there’s no comparison with viewing them in their natural habitat. Visitors can travel across the Masai Mara in all-terrain vehicles or on horseback – nature’s own all-terrain vehicle.


This frozen wilderness of North Asia possesses a unique landscape and is home to animals not seen elsewhere. Adventurers can traverse this exceptional region in a number of ways, including by motorcycle, dogsled or as a passenger on the famous Trans-Siberian Railway.

Franklin River, Tasmania

Both a National Park and a World Heritage Area, opportunities for activities in this region include white-water rafting, canoeing and hiking along the basin. With stunningly diverse flora and fauna, it’s a gift to even the most amateur photographer.

Everest Base Camp

If you’re fighting fit, then having a crack at climbing the tallest mountain above sea level must be tempting. Most people don’t aim for the summit but accept the significant challenge of reaching one of the base camps, at around 17,000 feet. With support and proper equipment, climbers achieve amazing memories and bragging rights for life.

There’s a perfect holiday for everyone. These five destinations prove that for the determined adventurer, the world is their oyster.

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